ISHIZAWA-LAB 100% Japan Rice Keana Mask 10 pieces

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面膜質感很舒服, 非常貼合臉孔而且一點刺痛感都沒有, 擁有敏感肌的妹子值得一試! 本人是混合性皮膚,連續使用面膜3天,發現毛孔的確變少而且出油的狀況也有改善, 一定會繼續購買!


最对不起的一款 开始用觉得蛮垃圾的 不是很补水也不是很收毛孔 断断续续的用 过了段时间怕变质连用了三天 晚上敷 第二天觉得毛孔小了一圈 上妆不起皮 这个价位 也算超值了 回购




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ISHIZAWALAB 100% Japan Rice Keana Mask.

The first place in the cosme award mask department!

The real popularity of word of mouth, and has been selling for a long time.

Mainly tightens pores, improves pores, closed acne, blackheads and other issues.

Made from 100% Japanese native rice, contains organically fermented mixed essence, natural fermentation liquid to moisturize the skin.

Helps shrink pores and relieve rough skin.

Effectively improve skin metabolism and make skin shiny and elastic.

Made from natural ingredients, no pigment, no fragrance, weak acidity, low irritation, suitable for all skin types, sensitive muscles for pregnant women can be used.

It can be used every day.


The combination of rice essence condenses pores:

The rice fermentation broth and the filtrate of the rice fermentation product are supplemented with water and nourishment.

Rice chaff oil repairs skin elasticity, and rice amide glycosphingolipids improve skin condition.

Rice chaff extract soothes and disturbs the skin.

Leaves skin moisturized, soft and supple.

The stratum corneum of the skin is hydrated, like the cooked rice is white and full.

The loose pores naturally contract and the skin becomes delicate.

A full 165ml beauty lotion, each containing a full essence.

The texture is thick but not sticky and can be quickly absorbed by the skin.

The rice chaff  essence penetrates the muscle base, adjusts the skin texture, enhances skin elasticity and increases skin moisture.


After cleansing, take a mask for about 10-15 minutes, then remove the mask and gently massage to absorb the remaining essence on the face.

It can be stored in the refrigerator in the summer and it is refreshed when used.

ISHIZAWA-LAB 100% Japan Rice Keana Mask 10 piecesdescription

ISHIZAWA-LAB 100% Japan Rice Keana Mask 10 piecesdescription

ISHIZAWA-LAB 100% Japan Rice Keana Mask 10 piecesdescription

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