POLA White Shot Inner Lock 180/60 Tablets

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大概一周就到了 蛮快的 还没开始吃因为老的那包还没吃完 但我注意到这次新买的和上次买的包装不一样 是换新包装了吗 因为这次新买的盒子大了一点而且盒子旁边有商标的水印了 之前的没有

Admin Replies:恩,亲pola美白丸换了新包装的哦,旁边是防伪标志哦~


吃了兩三年了吧 一直在回購 個人覺得很有效果 每次旅行回來曬黑之後 很容易白回來 不知道是我本身體質的關係還是因為這個美白丸 但是臉上本來有一個不太明顯的斑 現在幾乎看不到了

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Last Updated : 2019-09-03 19:25:23

POLA has been developed successfully with exclusive technology for 10 years!

Using pine bark to extract special ingredients SG, tangerine peel ingredients, black pepper ingredients in the French region.

Cooperating with collagen from soybean and complex various special components of body dimension C and dimension E,the exclusive recipe achieves a multiplier effect.

Whitening from the inside of the body, preventing the production of stains,

at the same time, it has high antioxidant power and slows down the aging damage of the skin.


1 Improves dull skin tone and uneven skin tone.

2 Lighten spots and freckles.

3 Reduce acne and acne marks.

4 Relieve melanin and pigmentation.

5 Smooth and white skin.

6 Lightens fine lines and delicate skin.

Brand introduction

POLA was founded in Shizuoka, Japan in 1929 and has a history of nearly 80 years.

In Japan, it is known as "one of the four major flowers in the cosmetics industry."

The special effect is to effectively deal with aging skin.

Create every skin beauty based on skin consultation and analysis system,

Realize the beauty through the inner and overall fashion concept,

with solid technology and thoughtful thoughts, after 10 years and 20 years, the "beautiful relationship"  is born.

These ideas help POLA put forward a commitment to "support the beauty of the customer's life.”

Suitable for the crowd

People with whitening skin, acne marks on the face, and pigmentation after injury.

Method of administration

2 capsules on the 1st, taken in the morning, the best results.

It does not matter whether it is fasting or not, and it is not irritating to the stomach.

Cases such as physiological period, colds, etc., if the stomach is not uncomfortable. can be taken it.

If you are taking Chinese medicine and other items, it is recommended to follow the doctor's advice.


This product is a course of treatment for 1 month, and it is better for long-term use.

Even hospital doctors recommend that healthy people take VC, VE regularly.

This has certain benefits in slowing down aging, resisting oxidation, and maintaining blood vessel elasticity.

And non-pharmaceutical ingredients are not harmful to the body.

The body's own metabolic capacity is extremely strong, and it can be excreted in almost 1-2 days, so it needs to be taken regularly.

There is no side effect after the medicine is stopped, but the wind still cause pigmentation of the skin, turning black and yellow.

Whitening is like sailing against the water. If you don’t advance, you will retreat.


1 Take it immediately after opening.

2 It contain some wheat and orange components.

If you are allergic to such foods, please take it with caution.

3 Due to your personal physique and different health conditions, you may feel uncomfortable. In this case, please stop taking it.

4 Take other health supplements at the same time, as well as pregnant women and lactating women, please take it under the guidance of a physician.

POLA White Shot Inner Lock 180/60 Tabletsdescription

POLA White Shot Inner Lock 180/60 Tabletsdescription

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