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Last Updated : 2019-09-11 17:01:08

Tips: ALBION Skin Conditioner has been updated in the packaging around the end of 2016.

Please don't mind if you find it different from the one you bought before.

There is no difference in the ingredients.

New packaging: The outer packaging is equipped with a plastic seal, and there is no seal at the inside of the bottle.

Old packaging: The outer packaging is not plastic, and there is a seal at the inside of the bottle.

ALBION Skin Conditioner.

The high quality of word of mouth has created a miracle in the skin care industry.

It has been launched for the 42nd anniversary.

At the beginning of its birth in 1974, without any advertising,only by word of mouth has been recognized and loved by more and more users.

As a brand classic, ALBION Skin Conditioner, which has been recognized by the well-known beauty awards, continues to protect the skin with its unchanging ingredients.

The classic "ALBION Skin Conditioner" creates a beautiful miracle, after 42 years of testing,

ALBION Skin Conditioner is loved and supported by countless users.

Create countless touches and gain countless thumbs up.

Users of any age and skin type can enjoy comfortable use and reliable maintenance in every season.

In the future, the classic ALBION Skin Conditioner will continue to write a new chapter in skin care, so that the "ALBION legend" will last forever.

The secret of “Kita no Hato”

The key ingredient of Skin Conditioner is Job’s tears, a plant usually found in tropical regions.

After 20 years of research, ALBION arrived at a variety of Job’s tears known as “Kita no Hato.”

Kita no Hato is a hardy, vitality-rich grain developed by cultivating the plant in the frigid climate of Hokkaido, Japan.

Kita no Hato is the only variety of Japanese-grown Job’s tears approved in Japan for use as the herbal medicine Yokuinin*.

The Kita no Hato used in Skin Conditioner is organic, having been successfully produced in fields meeting the Japanese Agricultural Standard for Organic Plants.

Grown as close to nature as possible, Kita no Hato is a natural blessing packed with vitality.

In order to deliver outstanding efficacy on the skin, ALBION developed a unique process called “blasting” to efficiently extract the most concentrated ingredients from Kita no Hato.

Six skincare benefits produced by regulating skin cell turnover

1 Brighter skin:

Cleanses skin and makes it fresh and bright

2 Dewy skin:

Pleasantly hydrates for a refreshing, comfortable feel

3 Smoother skin:

Normalizes metabolic rhythm

4 Pimple prevention:

Removes excess sebum and leaves skin comfortably free of greasiness

5 Tighter skin:

Smoothes fine lines and restores firmness to skin

6 Improves skin problems:

Prevents flushes with a cool sensation


Skin Conditioner can be used regardless of season, age and skin.

It can give long-lasting skin protection, smooth, white, healthy skin in 365 days.

A fresh and bleak feeling of use, moisturizes the skin, restores health and adjusts to the best condition.

Select the plant extracts and with its superior skin-friendly and penetrating power, it effectively promotes healthy skin metabolism and completely eliminates various skin problems.

Helps dysfunctional skin to restore normal keratin metabolism cycle.

The rich botanical astringent ingredients add to the skin texture and increase skin elasticity.

After sun exposure the skin is dark and deepened, it can help the skin original whiteness and transparency.

Formulated with high-performance medicinal whitening ingredients to whiten skin from the muscles.

Natural plant ingredients to strengthen the skin's moisture and give the skin the most full moisturizing sensation.

It also enhances the skin's self-defense and keeps the skin away from all kinds of annoying brains such as summer oil, dry winter, sensitive redness and peeling.


When using with Albion's lotion, please use lotion first.

Because Albion lotion has the effect of softening the skin, it can make the ingredients of the skin conditioner more easily absorbed by the skin.

Direction of care for the night and night cleansing lotion skin conditioner

1 After cleansing, wipe and massage the face with skin conditioner, and use a cotton pad to press back and forth on the face to ensure the skin's absorption of skin conditioner.

Then pour the skin conditioner on the palm of your hand and pat it on the whole face.

2 Soak the cotton pad with skin conditioner and apply it to the affected area. When it is red and allergic to the sun, it is  helpful to calm, repair and redden the skin.

3 Soak the skin conditioner to the wet cotton pad and use it in the T zone with a gentle massage method of 30 seconds to 1 minute per day.

This can effectively improve the formation of blackheads.

4 After using the water-washing mask, you can use the skin conditioner to make the pores fine.

5 Key maintenance: with ALBION pure cotton paper mask, apply face for 10 to 15 minutes, gently pat the face to promote absorption of the essence.

1 or 2 times a week. Continuous maintenance, so that the skin keratinocytes are tender and healthy.


Tips: manufacturers will update of products (change packaging or specifications) from time to time. In case of product updating, new versions and old versions are sent randomly sometimes.We will try our best to update pictures of commodities and informations, but there will inevitably be timeliness and omissions. Please forgive us.


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