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Really good, I will definitely buy it again and again!

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挺好的 挺不错的 满意 会回购看看

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店家好好 一起买了另外的精华液和面霜 竟然送了一贴前男友和洗面奶!



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SKll Facial Treatment Essence is the star products of the SKII brand!

Contains over 90% of the natural formula - the yeast ingredient Pitera.

This unique formula of SKII, which combines vitamins, minerals and amino acids, that regulates oil secretion and regulates the skin's stratum corneum, improve the five feature of smoothness, firmness, wrinkle resistance, whiteness and gloss.Leaves skin radiant, smooth, firm and beautiful.


Adjusts the metabolism of skin cells, repairs skin while moisturizing, rejuvenating and softening.

It fundamentally regulates the health of the skin and lays the foundation for better absorption of subsequent products.

SKII official said that the effect can be seen in 28 days.

7 effects of Pitera

1 Helps to condition the skin's natural physiology.

2 Soothes the skin after sun exposure.

3 Replenish skin moisture.

4 Condition the sebum balance.

5 Moisturize your skin.

6 Balance the pH of skin.

7 Helps the skin to shine.

Suitable for the crowd

All adult women over the age of 18.All skin types can be used, especially for mature skin.

Shelf life

3 years (the specific date is subject to the actual object received).


1 Take a proper amount of lotion on the palm of your hand and then apply water to your cheeks.

2 Circle the massage around the mouth and chin from the bottom to top.

3 The forehead is from top to bottom, and the lower jaw is applied from bottom to top.

4 Apply around the nose with your fingertips and gently massage.

5 You can also slap the excess product on your neck and apply it from the bottom to the top.

SKll Facial Treatment Essencedescription

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