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IPSA was born in 1987, with the use of scientificmethods and consultation, to create a personal note in line with everyones skin as the brand concept.Convincedthat every woman has inherent charm.IPSA originates from the Latin word ipse, which means self, autonomyand spontaneity.The spontaneousbeauty consciousness conveyed is customized for the personalized modern women.Since its star product ME-Metabolizer Regularcame into being in 1987, it has totally 5 categories and 17 bottles. After seven packaging changes, each update represents(相当于) a new change of IPSA, and brings beautiful changes to millions of women.


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IPSA Creative Concealer SPF25


m***m reviewed at 2017-05-16 02:33:03, 3 people like.

IPSA Creative Concealer SPF25


y***4 reviewed at 2015-04-03 08:46:01, 3 people like.

Ipsa Luminizing Clay - 100g


d***m reviewed at 2017-10-01 12:39:24, 2 people like.

Ipsa Luminizing Clay - 100g


m***m reviewed at 2017-08-29 05:29:48, 2 people like.

IPSA Creative Concealer SPF25


o***h reviewed at 2016-02-25 02:40:15, 2 people like.

Ipsa Luminizing Clay - 100g


y***e reviewed at 2019-02-10 11:24:47, 1 people like.

Ipsa Luminizing Clay - 100g


i***m reviewed at 2018-08-16 12:26:25, 1 people like.

IPSA ME EXTRA Emulsion 175ml


o***m reviewed at 2018-04-24 17:00:49, 1 people like.

IPSA CLEANSER Cleansing Foam Sensitive


IPSA CLEANSER Cleansing Foam Sensitive-review-238173-image-1

t***m reviewed at 2018-01-27 14:51:58, 1 people like.

Ipsa Luminizing Clay - 100g

感觉有点小失望 没有她们形容那么好 只是用完脸不干了但是没有变干净的感觉

9***m reviewed at 2017-07-12 11:01:27, 1 people like.

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