About Return
Due to the special nature of purchasing, if there is no quality problem, then generally do not support returns replacement.
About Refund
We take the initiative to give you a refund, here are some case:
  • The item purchasing failed
  • And other natural disasters caused by man-made that we should give you a refund of the situation
If the guest requests a refund, this is only applicable in the following cases:
  • Has been ordered to pay, but the goods we have not purchased. For example, in the United States, December 23, under the order and payment is completed, immediately after the end of a single customer service hope to receive before Christmas (of course, we have not purchased goods), which is not complete physical task, we Will give you a refund.
Other due to the style does not like, or buy regret and other reasons to request a refund of customers, I am sorry due to the high international freight, please forgive us we can not agree to your refund request.