Payment Method

Paypal / international credit card / Alipay, because our company in Japan, so there is no Taobao shop, do not support cash on delivery, please excuse.


  • The fastest and most convenient way to pay cost zero handling fee. No paypal account user just need take two steps and only takes you less than a minute.:
    1. After you have finished placing your order, click the Payments button to jump to the paypal payment screen, select Create PayPal Account, enter the debit / credit card information you want to associate, and then enter the password to create your paypal account!
    2. The whole process only need to fill in a form, click the two buttons.
  • Mainland card can be used! Drop down to the menu - the region button you can choose China, associate UnionPay cards, exchange rates directly by UnionPay card preferential exchange rate.
International Credit Card:
  • Pay option method to choose, enter the paypal payment screen, select no paypal account, and then will automatically enter the information page to fill out the credit card, and after submission can be completed, do not need to register members, payment seconds to 0 fee.


  • Pay option choose Alipay