How long can I get my package?

Stocks are divided into ordinary goods stocking time is 3-7 days (some need from Hokkaido, Kyushu, Kyoto, Osaka and other places of goods ordered 5-7 days), and mailing time 2-6 days (each country does not , Some countries may not deliver on Saturdays and Sundays).

What country can you send?

We can mail the vast majority of countries and regions where you can find the country you want to mail to.

It was sent back to Japan because of not wrapped at home, and how can i get my package back?

The package will be sent back to us, the customer service will send you an email to inform you of the package to return. We will ship you again after you have repaid the postage. The second shipping fee is the actual parcel postage.

Will the parcels be taxed?

Parcels may be subject to customs duties, customs will check the package, but we will send in the form of gifts to reduce the probability of being taxed, in fact, in addition to some countries, tariffs on the proportion of the package is still very small. We will from time to time to package tariff activities, fear of tax pro-can pay attention to our activities notice.

I am under customs duty free campaign, but still received a tariff

If you are under customs duty free campaign, you will be required to pay the customs duty before you can contact us. (Please provide us with the tax bill), we can pay you the customs duty you paid, during the period We regret that we can not pay to you.

Can I buy the product that the site does not have?

If do not have the products in the shopping site, please contact customer service, to provide the information about the products you want (such as photos, name, manufacturer, etc.), we will find the shelves for you.

What is the origin of your company?

We are a company founded by the Chinese in Japan, the specific information please refer to: Company Profile .

Points used for?

Points can offset the amount of the order, and 1 point equals 1 yen.

I finished order, but would like to modify the delivery address, can I ?

If you place an order after the address is found to be wrong (you can order in the membership center to see your order filled out when the address), please contact customer service to help you modify the mailing address of the order, (modify your personal information in the shipping address Is not on the modified before the under the effect of the order)

I finished order, found something missing to buy, and how to do?

For additional products, please contact customer service, customer service will help you add new products.

Password forgotten, can not sign up, how to do?

Click the Forgot Password button to enter your registered email address or user name, and the system will help you retrieve your password. Operation encountered any problems, please contact customer service for you to solve.

I create an order and used points, but would like re-order another one, how do I add up the points spent back?

Orders no paid in the Member Center -> My Order Click Cancel Order, the points will be returned to your account when it successed.

Can I combine the points in both accounts?

Yes, if you need to consolidate the points in both accounts, please contact customer service.