Only for orders placed under the event of duty free period


During the promotion, the order placed and the order has been paid , specific to the order number prevail, the order number generally depends on Japan time (for example: the sale of the period from November 14, 2014 to November 22 , 2014, then the object is between 141114 ~ 141122 at the beginning of the order number)


As the customs duty is random, so we can not pre-paid the tariff,  will pay you only after the occurrence of tariffs, the process is as follows:
  • Send us your order number and the photo of customs duty notice or similar document which are the ems number and the amount of tax payment. Please sent us by QQ / Wechat / Sina Weibo / mail. Ps: This file may require you to advance if you need to pay taxes first.
  • Customer service quickly check.
  • We will pay you the tariff within 24 hours by the following means.


  • Using Paypal with paypal balance payment : Directly pay back, return to your paypal balance.
  • By using credit card payment : Same as a balance payment. But according to the credit card can not return to paypal balance, so we will give you the amount of money from your credit card bills removed, for example, you paid us 15,000 yen, we give you back 2000 yen Tariff, then next month the credit card company will only ask for the equivalent of 13,000 yen.
  • Alipay payment : As a result of the new interface, so the pay back is similar to paypal, need 3-7 days to account.
  • The easiest way: return to the mall pre-deposit or points for the next shopping.

Exchange Rate:

  • Use the paypal to change the exchange rate at the time of return.
  • RMB used to return to the point of time. Alipay exchange rate, in the foreign use of Alipay payment because of the tariff is not paid RMB, when you pay the currency exchange rate, we will refer to Baidu exchange rate.