Cle De Peau Concentrated Brightening Eye Serum 15mL

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concentrated brightening eye serum
Eyes beaming with radiance.

Product information

Brightening Serum (for eyes) 
A brightening serum that gives eye area skin dramatic luminosity and brings dazzling beauty to eyes. Inspires feelings of radiance.
Product Description
Contains Illuminating Complex, a powerful moisture-stabilizing force that promotes exquisite radiance.
Formulated with the intensive brightening ingredient, 4MSK (potassium 4-methoxysalicylate).
●Helps enhance the radiance of eye area skin while minimizing factors on the surface of skin that cause a look of darkness around eyes.
●Diminishes the appearance of pigmentation that contributes to a devitalized look.
●Developed for use in conjunction with a special beauty massage method that helps to reduce the visibility of dark circles.
●Promotes brightness through the effects of hydration and creates noticeable beauty instantly upon application.
●Helps prevent the damaging effects of dryness to encourage a look of translucence and radiance emanating from within.
●Provides a smooth and dewy texture and offers moisturizing benefits all day long.
●Formulated with an exclusive Clé de Peau Beauté ingredient, Cellular IC Normalizer that enhances conditions for optimal functioning of the cellular ion channel system.*

How To Use
●Use morning and evening, after balancing skin.
●Press the dispenser twice to release the formulation onto fingertips. Apply formulation to the eyelids and beneath both eyes. Smooth into skin gently.
●Gently massage the entire eye area.
(1)Using fingertips, apply pressure just below the inner corners of the eyebrows and encircle the eyes. (Repeat 3 times.) At the conclusion, press temples.
(2)Lightly glide fingertips beneath eyes, moving from the inner corners outward. (Repeat 6 times.)

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