Otsuka Pharmaceutical Sage's table dining support 6 g x 30 capsules [Food for Specific Health]

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Product Description
The health food for the Japanese Ministry of Health and Labor to grant specific health care products, in terms of safety and effectiveness of the Japanese government recognized so that you use more peace of mind. Is to slow down the absorption of sugar, lower blood sugar levels of specific health food, the use of desensitizing dextrin as raw material, with inhibition of postprandial blood glucose and neutral fat rise in the double effect, in the soup and ice water can also be easily melted, no Odorless colorless, simple small bag, even if the dinner can also carry.
"Refractive dextrin" is extracted from corn as a raw material of water-soluble food fiber, a meal at the same time, with the consumption of indigestible dextrin can effectively slow down the small intestine sugar and fat absorption rate, which effectively inhibit postprandial blood glucose and Increased blood lipids.
It can promote intestinal peristalsis, so that smooth bowel movement, colorless and odorless water soluble, easy to use, is the most popular new type of fiber. Because modern life is unhealthy diet and lifestyle, the importance of fiber has become increasingly known, adding enough fiber everyday to keep the intestinal health, and to control the absorption of fat and sugar.
Edible method
This product is odorless and tasteless powder, and daily use of 3 meals a day, 1-3 times a day, 1 package, add water, tea, soup, milk, coffee, fruit juice, etc. can drink, ice Water can dissolve, do not affect the taste of the food itself Oh! Long strip independent packaging, carry more convenient!
Suitable for the crowd
Eat people who eat sweets and eat sweets; people who worry about rising blood sugar after meals; people with inadequate intake of dietary fiber; people with constipation and annoyance; people who want to keep slim

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Otsuka Pharmaceutical Sage's table dining support 6 g x 30 capsules [Food for Specific Health]-Online Shopping

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