Milbon Elujuda hair conditioner120g

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Last Updated : 2017-12-11 12:09:55

Milbon玫丽盼Elujuda emulsion/Elujuda emulsion+ 免洗护发精华发乳 保湿修复



Elujuda emulsion适合柔软发质,因为头发细软,干枯而缺乏活力,提升秀发弹力,打造营润轻盈感。

Elujuda emulsion+适合粗硬发质,因为头发粗硬,干枯而缺乏活力,Emulsion+提高秀发中水分含量,让秀发变得柔软更易打理,打造理想的柔润服帖感。

Milbon Elujuda hair conditioner120gdescriptionMilbon Elujuda hair conditioner120gdescription





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