Japan PDC Liquorice Mask 10 pieces

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觉得有点刺激 但还行




有点黏… 不是我喜欢的

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Last Updated : 2019-08-02 13:17:58

Japan PDC Liquorice  Mask 10 piecesdescription

This is the 2018 PDC's new disposable mask ~

Because the ice before the ice-washing type sold good ~ manufacturers made a special disposable type ~

and! ! This is more convenient than the washing type ~ Super for my big lazy ~

End deposited directly throw away the essence of absorption on the line ~ composition, the same effect with the washing type ~

A bag of 10! With the kind of rice mask is the same ha ~ not individually wrapped ~ Mind please take care Oh! ! !

Meal mainly for dull, yellow, pigmentation and skin is not enough translucent skin.

After the application will make the skin bright bai once, with the dark say bye ~

Creamy paste, some like tofu, painted on the skin soft waxy waxy

No sense of excitement, the taste is a little sweet smell of wine, very good da da

Use Aso mountain natural spring water and rice as a raw material, using the ancient practice of wine making

The essence of the formation of Japanese wine (wine meal) super gentle, sensitive muscle can also use 嗷 ~

Japan PDC Liquorice  Mask 10 piecesdescription

Whitening at the same time in the skin can increase the sense of transparency in addition to the cucumber extract, rice wine brewing technology

Remove the aging skin of the skin, from the inside and outside the white skin, astringent pores, anti-inflammatory acne and other effects

Very comfortable wine-like deposited no problem SKII fairy water is also refined inside the wine.

Meal mask is also used to make sake wine refining, but in comparison this really cheap to cry ah!


Usage: Wash your face, gently wipe with a towel, then apply it on the line ~ recommended 2-3 times a week

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