Phiten Titanium Discs (70 Piece)

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使用例: 颈椎疼痛-可围绕痛处贴1-3小贴



Phiten  Titanium Discs (70 Piece)description
Phiten  Titanium Discs (70 Piece)description

ファイテン(phiten) パワーテープ 70マーク 0108PT610000


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Shop Phiten Titanium Discs (70 Piece) online at Hommi.We ship worldwide,free International Shipping over 8000 yen(About USD73.98).See Price, Brand, How to use, Images, Customer Reviews, Questions & Answers for Phiten Titanium Discs (70 Piece).Customers who viewed this item also viewed Lion狮王 Pair A锭-成人痘痘 暗疮膏 无刺激祛痘,MK constipation medicine 400 tablets,Japan Obagi C5 Serum Vitmain C Whitening beauty solution,Ryukakusan Direct Sore throat remedy with herbal granulated powder,Kobayashi pharmaceutical Arm Arm Thigh chicken skin exfoliating softening hair follicle ointment.