Hokkaido Calbee French fries three brothers 18g*10bag

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真的停不下来啊啊啊,一包完全不够吃,这次准备买5包,诶虽然觉得有点贵 但还是想吃啊啊




每次买都会一口气吃好多 为了不长胖都不敢经常买



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Last Updated : 2019-09-04 17:41:34

French fries three brothers, the first specialty of Hokkaido! !

It is almost mentioned that the specialty of Hokkaido is the three brothers of French fries!

It was called Dream Snacks because of the continued shortage of popularity!

Now its popularity has not diminished, and the shops at the airport are often named.

The famous Carrebi uses potatoes from Hokkaido.

In order to preserve the original taste and nutrition, with a skin cut, the taste is crisp!

Just the right salt and crisp taste, it’s endless after eating!

There are quite a few similar products, but compared to the three brothers,

the delicious level is completely different!

The taste is certainly the secret of its popularity, using a separate pouch.

Easy to carry and gift-giving is also one of the reasons for its popularity.

This is the spot, until the sale.want to buy as soon as possible.

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3 months.

Hokkaido Calbee French fries three brothers 18g*10bagdescription

Hokkaido Calbee French fries three brothers 18g*10bagdescription

Hokkaido Calbee French fries three brothers 18g*10bagdescription

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