CPB whitening powder SPF25、PA++

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卖家送了很多小样很开心! 但介绍与使用方法都是日文的, 所以有些不大知道该如何使用及其功效啊T-T 有一款用自己猜的方式试了一次, 然后使用感很不好我都准备扔了, 幸好意外看到了美妆博主的教程, 不然就浪费了嗷嗷嗷~~~


买的一套, 但是从几个不同的页面上下单的, 有点麻烦~ 知道日本经常同一套产品分开卖, 但还是希望后续网站可以让客人在同一页面下一套的单, 方便些~ 其它都挺好的...


买了一套这个, 包装银白色的, 很干净简单, 非常让人心仪~ 也很迫不及待的想用起来呢!


不是一套的 买的时候没注意 郁闷 卖家也不提醒下 现在又要买粉扑

Admin Replies:亲实在对不起,都是分开卖的……

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brightening powder foundation
At last, brilliance comes to foundation.
Product information
Powder foundationSPF25・PA++ 
This extraordinary powder foundation inspires a flawless makeup finish that brightens skin with a pure, even translucence.
Product Description
●Uses advanced light-controlling technology to resist dullness and shadows, and maintain a luminous appearance.
●Developed with a generous infusion of skincare ingredients to optimize the condition of skin with continuous use.
●Contains Revitalizing Moisture Complex
●Provides a feather-light, velvety smooth texture.
●Helps conceal sun spots and other imperfections.
●Protects skin from dryness.
How To Use
●Apply following skincare or the application of pre-makeup base.
●Using a dry sponge, sweep sponge gently across foundation surface and apply evenly to face.

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