CANMAKE your lip only gross SPF15

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canmake 井田 高保湿 防晒 变色 唇蜜/唇彩

井田 15年3月当季新品~!会变色的防晒保湿唇蜜~!看着是几乎透明的唇蜜,涂上大概一分钟后,会慢慢变成粉红色,和自己本身的唇色结合起来,打造属于自己独一无二的唇色~!(涂上后大概一分钟左右会有变色,等颜色到了自己想要的那个程度时,用纸巾吧嘴唇上剩余的唇彩擦去,颜色就保留下来啦,非常方便~!)SPF15/PA+ 的防晒~!完全干透后不易脱色,卸妆的时候要仔细些哦~!


1. 请置放于幼童无法取得处,以免误食。

2. 请勿放置于高温、潮湿及阳光直射的场所保存.

3. 使用如有异常请停止使用,并至皮肤科治疗。

4. 肌肤如有伤口、过敏、或异常现象时请勿使用。

5. 万一进入眼睛时不要揉眼睛,请用清水冲洗眼部,如有不适请尽速就医治疗。

CANMAKE your lip only gross SPF15description

CANMAKE your lip only gross SPF15description

CANMAKE your lip only gross SPF15description

CANMAKE your lip only gross SPF15description

CANMAKE your lip only gross SPF15description

CANMAKE your lip only gross SPF15description

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Shop CANMAKE your lip only gross SPF15 online at Hommi.We ship worldwide,free International Shipping over 8000 yen(About USD74.43).See Price, Brand, How to use, Images, Customer Reviews, Questions & Answers for CANMAKE your lip only gross SPF15.Customers who viewed this item also viewed DHC Pure Olive Lip Balm / Olive Lip Balm (Moisturizing, No Spice),Shiseido Medicated E+B6 MOLIP Lip Balm Treatment Cream 8g,cpb Rouge arrayable All 12 colors,RIMMEL MAGICALSTAY LIPCOAT 6g,OPERA Gold tube lasting does not make up lipstick.You can also buy CANMAKE Eyelashes Care Lash Care Essence,CANMAKE Transparent Finish Powder 4colors,CANMAKE Mat Fleur Cheeks  Three-color election,CANMAKE 5 color eye shadow 6 type,CANMAKE Lip Moisturizing Concealer / Lips Base Gently Gently Bunting Essential and more CANMAKE at Hommi.